Innovative greenhouses opened at the Meerim Bulagy orphanage and Bayel kindergarten

Innovative greenhouses opened at the Meerim Bulagy orphanage and Bayel kindergarten

published: 10 November 2014

The greenhouses were officially opened on November 4, 2014, at the Meerim Bulagy orphanage and Bayel kindergarten located in the villages of Ak-Bulun and Ak-Bulak respectively. This has become possible due to the financial support of Kumtor Company under the Karagat Plus Project which is being implemented by the AVEP Public Fund.

The innovative hothouses are thought to enable the said institutions to provide their children with fresh and ecologically friendly vegetables all the year round and get access to additional funding.

“There are more than 100 children in the Meerim Bulagy orphanage and Bayel kindergarten. Before building the hothouses, we had given the teachers a grounding in hothouse management. Also, under the Project, they were enabled to visit advanced hothouses all over the country to get a better understanding in this field. Ecologically friendly vegetables grown in these hothouses are supposed to improve the children’s diet and make good the deficit of vitamins,” commented Project Coordinator Janybek Pakyrov.

Karagat+ is a joint three-year project of Kumtor Company and AVEP Public Fund. Its purpose is to encourage local communities and expand the potential of the berry-and-fruit market. The Project is being implemented in Issyk-Kul province with an emphasis made on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake. AVEP experts will assist in creating a network of nursery gardens, greenhouses and farming goods reception centers. More information on the Project is available at:

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