Incident at the Kumtor Mine

Incident at the Kumtor Mine

published: 16 February 2020

On February 15, 2020, at 18:00, while performing scheduled operations on dumping material into a small thermokarst lake in the northeastern section of the moraine dam located on the western side of Lake Petrov an excavator went down with the operator inside.

The operations were performed under a project approved by relevant government authorities. Immediately upon receiving the report on the incident, the Kumtor mine’s rescue team started the rescue effort. It was joined by a group of salvage divers of the Ministry of Emergencies who arrived from Bishkek and Karakol.

All the relevant government authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic were immediately informed of the incident by the company.

The operator’s body has been found. A commission has been formed to investigate the causes of the incident.
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