Renovated Culture Center Opened at Barskoon

published: 12 September 2013

В селе Барскоон открылся обновленный Дом культуры The renovated Culture Center was inaugurated in the village of Barskoon, Jety-Oguz district, during the past weekend. Attending the opening ceremony were local government officials and village residents.

The Barskoon Culture Center has never been overhauled since it was built in 1959. The local seat of culture has now been renovated due to subsidies from the local budget and financial support of Kumtor Company. Paving tile has been set on the square in front of the Culture Center. The façade has been overhauled, and comfortable chairs have been installed in the spacious hall equipped with modernized audio gears and lamps. Also, new blinds, a great curtain and furniture have been purchased for the Center. Kumtor Company has contributed a total of 700,000 soms for the renovation project.
“The renovated Culture Center is a valuable gift to all Barskoon residents. It will become a venue for festive and other important events of the village. Once again, we express our gratitude to Kumtor Company, which has always responded to our calls for help. Quite recently, Kumtor helped us purchase books for our village library and install informational brochure stands. We keep away from political games, protests and pickets. While addressing people, especially young people, I always emphasize that what we need is peace and stability,” said Ruslan Eshmambetov, head of the Barskoon village administration, during the opening ceremony.

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