Kumtor continues to support the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home for Elderly and Disabled Persons

published: 01 October 2021

On October 1, on the International Day of Older Persons the Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) representatives delivered a month’s supply of non-perishable food items to the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home for the Elderly Persons. Kumtor ambassadors have delivered such products as flour (800 kg), sugar (600 kg), buckwheat (620 kg), rice (620 kg), millet (620 kg), pasta (620 kg), vegetable oil (300 liters), tea (20 kg), canned fish (330 cans) and canned meat (332 cans) totalling KgS 324 thousand.

The company made the decision to support the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home in response to a request of Director Baktybek Junushev. Currently, the approved food allowance per 1 person is KgS 100 per day. Due to rising food prices, it is not realistic to provide the residents of the social institution with the physiological norms of nutrition for the funding provided.

Since the necessary assistance cannot be provided through a one-time delivery of food items, the KGC Sponsorship and Charity Committee in order to provide the long-term support for elderly and disabled persons has approved the purchase of food items for the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home within 3 months (October, November, December). The list and quantity of required products had been provided by the management of the social institution.

The management of the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home expressed their gratitude to the new management of Kumtor, represented by Tengiz Bolturuk, for the support, attention and care of the elderly generation.

This is Kumtor’s third major charity support provided to the social institution this year.  In June this year, in response to the assistance request the temporary external manager of KGC Tengiz Bolturuk provided the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home with a spacious and comfortable minibus ”Toyota Hiace”. Since then, the residents of the social institution have been visiting the necessary medical facilities by car. At the same time, Tengiz Bolturuk had promised that Kumtor would help to solve the freshwater issue, the main problem of the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home, and that would provide transport for water delivery. In July, Kumtor donated a two-side dump trailer and eight 1-ton containers (eurocubes) for drinking water to the Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home for the Elderly Persons to deliver clean water from nearby sources. KGC will soon begin implementing a well drilling project and thus the facility will have access to drinking water.

The Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home is located in Ysyk-Ata district of the Chuy region and has existed since 1936. Today there are 304 people living in Nizhniy-Serafimovskiy Care Home, of whom: 195 men and 109 women.


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