Group of Local Suppliers Visited Kumtor Mine

published: 10 May 2017

A group of local suppliers of Kumtor Gold Company visited the mine as part of the information visit. The chance to join the excursion was given as a gesture of encouragement to the companies that gained the reputation of reliable suppliers of quality goods and services.

Twelve suppliers from Issyk-Kul and Chui oblasts had an opportunity to take a look at the process of gold mining and production. The group visited the open pit, the gold mill, the residential camp, as well as the new repair workshop for heavy mining machinery. Some of the suppliers represented the food industry, therefore they were shown the work of the canteen and food storages. Suppliers also had the opportunity to see how and where the goods, materials and services purchased from them were used, and to assess their importance in the production chain.

“I am glad that I saw the whole process with my own eyes. When you read the news, you cannot imagine the way the things are going. I am impressed with the scale of operations and proud that I am also the part of the chain that supports continuous operation of the country’s leading enterprise. Now I will tell the others that we have such a high-tech enterprise in Kyrgyzstan,” the Raw Materials Manager of Ak-Jalga CJSC Kairbek Kojogulov said.

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