Kumtor is a talent pool for the mining industry of Kyrgyzstan

published: 19 August 2021

At the instruction of Temporary External Manager Tengiz Bolturuk, Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) has launched a young specialist development program.

For the first time in Kumtor’s history, a record number of university students and graduates have been recruited for summer training and internship this year. In total, more than 150 young specialists have passed a strict competitive selection and have already worked their first rotation at the high-altitude mine. The duration of the summer student program is three months, the graduate internship program is two years long. The work of summer students and interns at Kumtor is paid. Mentors work with young people at the mine to share their skills and professional experience.

According to Mill Manager Nurdin Usenov, if earlier students were only recruited for the metallurgical laboratory, now young people are learning to manage the Mill in all production sections.

“Lectures and seminars do not give the knowledge that I get at the operating production facility. Here we conduct a research to modernize the gold extraction processes”, says Aliya Sharshenalieva, a third-year student from the Chemistry Department, who is undergoing a summer training at the Mill.

Temporary External Manager of Kumtor Gold Company CJSC Tengiz Bolturuk said: “In the future, our interns and summer students, who are currently taking only the first steps to learn the profession, will make up HR reserve of highly qualified specialists not only for Kumtor, but also for new mines and mining companies in our country. Working with young people pursues another important goal – to improve the image of trades.”


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