Kumtor purchases modern equipment for the workshop of the Vocational Lyceum No. 22 in Balykchy

published: 02 March 2022

The Kumtor Gold Company implements special cooperation programs with the country’s leading specialized educational institutions. Realizing that the path to professionalism begins with a high-quality practical training, when students acquire the skills required for work, Kumtor purchased modern machine tools for the workshop of Vocational Lyceum No. 22 in the city of Balykchy. The Company allocated 758,000 soms for the necessary equipment.

The director of Vocational Lyceum No. 22 in Balykchy, Dyushenbek Zhangaziyev, thanked the management of Kumtor:

– We approached the Kumtor Gold Company with a request to help us purchase equipment and training stands for our workshop, where mechanics are trained. The company resolved the issue as quickly as possible by ordering and installing modern Russian-made machines. We greatly appreciate this! Workers are very much needed these days, they are in demand everywhere. The competition for applicants for working specialties is growing every year. Our certificate is valid throughout the CIS.

Vocational Lyceum No. 22 in Balykchy trains qualified personnel in such working specialties as a car mechanic, plasterer-painter, gas welder, electrician, cook. Now the Lyceum has 312 students in 8 specialties.

“We have tire repair shops everywhere in the city, where young guys work, but they do not have the necessary special education to use such devices. They weren’t trained in safety. They just work as best they can,” said Bakhtiyar Narynbaev, master of industrial training of the lyceum.

Teachers hope that after Kumtor has upgraded the base for training specialists in Balykchy, the owners of city car services will want to improve the skills of their employees on the basis of the lyceum – this will improve the quality of services they provide.

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