Environmental Camp Took Place in Issyk-Kul

Environmental Camp Took Place in Issyk-Kul

published: 25 July 2014

The 10th anniversary in-take of children ecological camp, organized by the Sarychat Public Association with the support from Kumtor Gold Company, had completed today, on July 25, 2014.

Participants of the camp were children from low-income families residing in Djety-Oguz district. This year Camp, organized on the base of Edelweiss resort, hosted 35 participants.
Employees of Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve provided an opportunity for children to see all animals living on the territory of the reserve, captured by the camera traps. In addition, the program of the camp included a variety of field tours, lectures on environmental issues, and recreation activities.

2014 in-take ended by a wonderful concert, organized by children. Divided into two team boys and girls took part in various competitions on literature, amateur performances, etc. Both teams – Ak Ilbirs and Kok Archa – showed great results and the jury unanimously agreed that both teams were winners. Children were awarded diplomas and prizes. The camp administration received a computer as a present from Kumtor Gold Company.

“For the decade of work of our Camp, more than 300 children rested and gained new knowledge here. Some of them have already graduated and became teachers of biology or ecology classes in district schools. We are very proud of them. The Camp program is unique – children learn from the lectures of professors, workers of the Reserve, World Wildlife Foundation experts and other partners. We do everything possible to develop children’s interest in environmental issues – we try to promote the love of environment, teach them to care about nature of their motherland. It is very interesting to see how children’s thinking and their relationship to the environment is changing and becoming more conscious”, Ishemkul Asakeev, the Camp Director told.

“We are excited about our partnership with the Sarychat Assosiation, jointly we taught children during ten years, investing in the education of young leaders. We believe we raised a generation of responsible citizens’, told Douglas Grier, Sustainable Development Director, Kumtor Gold Company.