Employees of Kumtor Gold Company’s Marshalling Yard in Balykchy Arrange Educational Tour for Local High School Students

published: 07 March 2017

Employees of Kumtor Gold Company’s Marshalling Yard in Balykchy have arranged an educational tour for 9-grade students of L.N. Tolstoi High School of Balykchy.
The main goals of this tour were occupational guidance of young Balykchy citizens and teaching them the basic principles of occupational health and safety compliance, as well as acquaintance with the marshalling yard’s activities.
Specialists of the company started the meeting with future school graduates from the industrial safety presentation, familiarize them with the new safety program “Work Safe – Home Safe” being introduced at Kumtor and told how important it is to comply with safety rules at work and in everyday life. After that they gave the students a tour of the company, which clearly demonstrated the Balykchy marshalling yard’s work.
This visit organized by Kumtor employees continued a good tradition of meetings with local high school students, inspiring them to observe safety rules in any situation and get a good education in the future.
“We provided general information about the gold production process and answered all their questions. And the most important thing is that we tried to explain the children that they should be safety, disciplined and do well in school,” said Jyldyz Raimkulova, Manager of Kumtor Gold Company’s Marshalling Yard in Balykchy.
In turn, students and teachers expressed their gratitude for the tour arrangement and the chance to see the operation of Kumtor Gold Company with their own eyes.
This tour was organized by the following Kumtor employees: Maksat Kadyraliev, Karagul uulu Ashyr, Zakhar Tsygankov, Jyldyz Raimkulova, Alibek Kulataev, Taalaykul Tagaeva, Zamira Zununova, Azikbek Chekirbaev.

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