Kumtor Introduces a Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Kumtor Introduces a Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

published: 12 October 2021

In order to prevent critical driving situations and possible accidents, Kumtor Gold Company CJSC is rolling out a system for monitoring of attention and fatigue in drivers and heavy-duty equipment operators. After all, drowsiness, decreased concentration, not wearing a seat belt can have negative consequences.

Recently, Kumtor has updated its fleet of mining equipment. As part of the pilot project, automatic driver fatigue monitoring systems from different manufacturing companies were installed on four vehicles. A special camera analyzes many parameters on the face: the direction of gaze, the frequency and duration of blinking, the presence of yawns. If the system notices signs of fatigue and distraction from the road in a person, it will give the driver a special sound signal. In addition, data from the device is immediately sent to the dispatcher, while all information is grouped and analyzed, helping in the future when drawing up work schedules.

“This is a very necessary innovation. Situations can be very different. Sometimes while driving you can suddenly feel sleepy. In moments like this, such a signal is necessary,” Kassymbek Bayamanov, operator of the Caterpillar haul truck, shares his impressions of the device being tested.

Sergey Karymov, Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Department of the Kumtor Gold Company CJSC, explains: “This technology is being implemented at many advanced enterprises around the world. It recognizes and captures the operator’s face, after which it already reacts to his actions, his distractions. This is a kind of artificial intelligence that determines a person’s condition, his driving style and traffic safety violations.”

The new devices will complement the Company’s existing strict system of security measures and rules. Even now, mining equipment can automatically monitor “blind spots”, warn the driver about leaving the lane and about a possible collision.

Since the introduction of External Management at KGC, a number of measures have been developed to improve the safety of work at the mine, during this time no serious incidents have been allowed. The introduction of a driver fatigue monitoring system is also one of the advanced innovations that is being implemented at the Kumtor mine after the introduction of External Management. Based on the results of testing, the Company will decide on the choice of a manufacturer of fatigue monitoring systems. After that, the entire mine fleet will be equipped with these devices.