Kumtor Gold Company has equipped a computer lab at Naryn State University

Kumtor Gold Company has equipped a computer lab at Naryn State University

published: 17 February 2022

Following the introduction of external management, Kumtor Gold Company CJSC provides comprehensive support to development projects in all regions of Kyrgyzstan. Thus, in January, the Company carried out a charitable campaign covering all five districts of Naryn Province, where more than 650 tonnes of coal were distributed to poor families and lonely elderly people.

Kumtor continues to promote development of Naryn Province by improving educational opportunities. Kumtor has provided funds for outfitting of the computer class at Naryn State University and the necessary technical and educational literature for the library of the university. All computers have been upgraded through installing the licensed Windows operating systems and the necessary software. In addition, the Company has donated interactive whiteboards, printers and even hiking outfit to the university for use by future environmental experts.

Naryn State University (NSU) was founded in 1996. It prepares specialists in Agricultural Technology, Teaching, Philology, and Economics. There are three colleges under the university, graduates of which have an opportunity to continue their studies in the chosen specialty as university students. Now students will learn the basics of the profession using new computers donated by the Kumtor Company.

The university has a program for inclusive education. This is in line with another of Kumtor’s efforts to increase participation in projects aimed at enhancement of social support for families.

– In Naryn, cafes or restaurants do not have their own websites, it is often difficult to get through to them on the phone or order food delivery. Therefore, I’m planning to develop an online application that can be used for ordering food delivery. It will be very convenient for people, including those with disabilities,” said Meder Usupbekov, the NSU College student.

Supporting the education system is one of Kumtor Gold Company’s most important areas of social responsibility. It includes internship programmes, scholarships, the development of vocational training for young people, and the establishment of educational centres with modern digital technologies. Considering the national significance of Kumtor, this work will gradually be extended over all regions of the country.