CIL Tanks Installation at the Kumtor Mill

published: 12 December 2019

Invitation closed
Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) announces a pre-qualification selection process for the design, manufacturing, supply, construction, assembly and commissioning works for “CIL Tanks Installation at the Kumtor Mill” including purchasing of all required equipment according to the engineering calculations (agitator drive gearbox with the electric motor, agitator with impellers, agitator frame, frame to install screens with chutes, air supply line with air dispenser at the bottom of the tank).

Applicants shall provide the information on: 

  • company (copies of registration certificate, charter, existing permits and licenses, taxpayer details, list of business partners);
  • experience of similar works (summary of the works performed and recommendations, maintenance history, photos);
  • equipment and facilities of the company (type of equipment, workshops, shops, including photos);
  • corporate headquarters of the company, main and regional bases of the company;
  • employees, engineers and technicians with the description of their work experience;
  • additional information that the applicant deems appropriate and necessary.

Pre-qualification documents are accepted in a sealed envelope with the “Design, manufacturing, supply, construction, assembly and commissioning works for CIL Tanks Installation at the Kumtor Mill” note before 5 p.m. on December 27, 2019 inclusive at 10th floor of the Uchkun Building in Bishkek, 24, Ibraimov Str.

All companies shall submit their documents at their own will, at their own costs, and accept all KGC conditions. No claims for compensation of any costs borne by the applicant shall be accepted by KGC.

The companies succeeded to pass the pre-qualification selection will be provided with the technical specifications to prepare their bids.

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