Action “Youth For Nature Conservation” Held in Karakol

Action “Youth For Nature Conservation” Held in Karakol

published: 09 March 2016

An action was held in Karakol on March 3, 2016, timed to coincide with World Wildlife Conservation Day. As part of the action, schoolchildren set fifty birdhouses in the city parks and sent some part to the Karakol Zoo, the only one in the Kyrgyz Republic. This event was organized by the G-Keeper Public Association in cooperation with volunteers with the KGC support.

The event had rallied an estimated 300 schoolchildren back early last month when Kumtor Company sent wood for the schoolchildren to build birdhouses and feedboxes. Moreover, a competition was announced among junior schoolchildren for the best drawing and activities list while senior schoolchildren were asked to try their skills in presenting stand-up comic monologues. The prize winners were chosen by the action jury.

Participating in the event were also Kyzgaldak, Dance for Life and KG Dance groups. The OVOP Association presented its green products while Kumtor employees distributed KGC promotional items and gave prizes to contest prize winners.

“Events like this should be organized regularly in order to call the Issyk-Kul young people’s attention to regional environmental problems and increase civil responsibility for the environment,” said Akylsaira Jumabekova, Karakol Vice Mayor for social issues.

“This action has been held in Karakol for the first time. Hopefully, it will become traditional as it, beyond doubt, will contribute to the development of environmental culture among both the older and younger generations in our city,” said Akylai Adenova, G-Keeper Leader.

“Conservation initiatives are certainly among Kumtor Company’s top priorities. We are happy to participate in this event, especially because it symbolically assists the Company in reprocessing waste wood which was used by the kids to build birdhouses and feedboxes,” said Aktilek Tungatarov, Director for Sustainable Development, Kumtor Gold Company.