“A” Shift Employees of KGC Storage Facility’s Procurement and Logistics Department Help Kindergarten No. 1 of Karakol Town

published: 02 June 2017

During the rotational leave, “A” shift employees of KGC Storage Facility’s Procurement and Logistics Department provided volunteer assistance to the municipal kindergarten No. 1 located in Pristan-Przhevalsk village. Kumtor employees painted the kindergarten’s fence, which is more than 200 meters long. This charity event was held as part of the corporate volunteering program “Ambassadors of Kumtor.”

Kindergarten No.1 is attended by about 100-120 children aged between 2 and 7 years. The kindergarten staff consists of 10-12 workers. It is located next to the Memorial Museum Complex named after N.M. Przhevalsky.

Employee of Kumtor’s Storage Facility Ruslan Jolochiev says, “Vera Anatolyevna Igumenova, Director of the kindergarten, addressed me with the request to help the children’s institution. The visit to the kindergarten convinced me that they needed help. The territory of the kindergarten is large, the playground left from the Soviet period has remained in good condition. Therefore, I offered my colleagues to paint the metal fence of the kindergarden, and everyone in my Department has enthusiastically responded to this offer.”

Another volunteer, Eldiyar Jumabaev, Kumtor’s Storage Facility employee, believes it is important to support such initiatives, “We readily agreed to support Ruslan’s initiative and believe that it is very important to hold such charitable events, probably insignificant at first sight, but very important for aid recipients. We were very pleased to see the joyful faces of the kindergarten staff. We urge all our colleagues not to remain indifferent and to join the program “Ambassadors of Kumtor.”

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