President of the Kumtor Gold Company meets with the staff of the Balykchy Marshalling Yard

President of the Kumtor Gold Company meets with the staff of the Balykchy Marshalling Yard

published: 14 October 2022

Balykchy Marshalling Yard (BMY) is the central transport and logistics hub of the Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC). Dozens of tons of shipments with various materials necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Kumtor Mine arrive here on a daily basis by rail and road.

A few days ago, the President of KGC Almazbek Baryktabasov met with the BMY staff, where issues of further development of production, uninterrupted supply of parts and the implementation of additional measures of social protection of employees were discussed.

The President of KGC held a meeting in a question-and-answer format and told about the main ongoing projects of the Company and urged Kumtor employees to strictly comply with safety regulations at work. According to him, one of the main goals for the Company management and staff today is to make Kumtor the country’s leading company in terms of safe work practices and responsible business conduct.

“We have known the current head of the company Almazbek Baryktabasov for a long time. He knows perfectly well how Kumtor works and how production is organized, how important it is to properly and safely maintain equipment. Therefore, the team trusts him,” said the driver Akylbek Atkaziev.

Separately, the issues of rational and efficient use of inventories and existing truck fleet were discussed during the meeting. Almazbek Baryktabasov inspected the territory of the facility and made a number of instructions to improve production and working conditions of employees.

Earlier, Almazbek Baryktabasov held a similar informal meeting with the staff at the Kumtor mine. An open conversation helps to inform people about the work of the Company’s management and receive feedback. Meetings with employees will continue.