Kumtor Company Finances Environmental Education Project for Young People of Kyrgyzstan, “Jashyl Oi”

Kumtor Company Finances Environmental Education Project for Young People of Kyrgyzstan, “Jashyl Oi”

published: 26 August 2014

The National Environmental Program “Jashyl Oi” has been, for two consecutive years now, implemented by the Youth Initiative Development Fund with the financial support of Kumtor Gold Company. The purpose of the project is to create training centers for the young people of Kyrgyzstan to promote best practices in the field of environmental protection, safety and stability.

This year’s program of the environmental camp included three stages. Stage One titled “Jashyl Oi-Youth” was held in Bishkek between June 7-14. Boys and girls aged 14-18 from all over the country were trained during workshops on the following subjects: environmental safety, water and sanitation, urbanized contamination, etc. Improvement of environmental awareness among youngsters was an important part of the program as it is at this age that the system of values is formed while positive knowledge can lay the foundation for the adequate level of environmental and legal culture.

Stage Two titled “Jashyl Oi-Young People” was held between July 29 and August 4 in the village of Kadjy-Sai Issyk-Kul province with the participation of public activists and leaders aged 18-25. Participating in trainings and workshops were specially invited experts, professors, environmentalists, and public leaders who are successfully working in this field. The environmental camp became the place where young people acquired new knowledge, shared experience, it was a sort of think tank of new environmental ideas. Some of the camp participants were awarded 1,000-dollar-grants for implementation of their projects. Also, some camp participants visited the Kumtor mine to learn more about gold production and see for themselves implementation of the mine’s environmental programs.

The concluding stage included the International Forum “Jashyl Oi-2014” which was held between August 20-25 in the town of Cholpon-Ata. Participating in it were young specialists from the CIS, Baltic and Caucasus countries, who are working in environmental projects and programs. The forum focused on the anthropogenic effects on the environment and related environmental concerns. During discussions, the participants agreed that all countries mutually affect their environments and the sound solution for environmental problems can only be found by joint effort.

“Protection of the environment is among the Company’s top priorities. Environmental management is present in all facilities of the Kumtor mine, and the situation is being monitored on a regular basis. By supporting the camp we would like to foster environmental friendliness in young people and make them more responsive to environmental problems,” commented Douglas Grier, Sustainable Development Director at Kumtor Gold Company.