Kumtor’s young specialists are exploring global mining experience

published: 22 June 2021

19 young specialists from various departments of Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) flew to Kazakhstan to participate in the International Exhibition for Mining and Exploration, Mineral & Coal Processing and Metallurgical Technologies “Mining Week Kazakhstan”. The event will take place on 22-24 June 2021 in Karaganda.

Tengiz Bolturuk, KGC Temporary External Manager in his parting speech noted that the company will provide every opportunity to gain knowledge and skills, self-development and career growth for young specialists, and participation in such an event of international level is an integral and indispensable tool to develop professional competencies of young specialists and enhance their motivations to address actual production challenges, involvement in innovative research and project activities.

“In the past, mostly managers of the company participated in various conferences. However, we need young people with high potential, able to generate fresh ideas, to create and adopt new technologies, as well as to work with modern equipment. Be curious, be open to new ideas, make new acquaintances, offer your ideas”, Tengiz Bolturuk said.

Following the visit, participants will present their proposals to address the company’s various production and economic challenges, and the best projects will be recommended to adopt in the Kumtor’s facilities.

Now KGC will actively send its specialists to scientific and technological conferences and exhibitions to identify and encourage talented young people, as well as to research and introduce the latest technologies used in the global mining industry.


The KGC holds a philosophy of openness and transparency in its work. Only the Kyrgyz laws apply to the KGC activities. KGC is a solvent company and will continue to honour its own social commitments as well as obligations to the Kyrgyz Republic budget, its employees, and contractors.

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