Up to the Mark

Up to the Mark

published: 19 January 2018

16 films about Kumtor mine site

Title: Up to the Mark
Genre: Infromational documentary
Year: 2014
Duration: 16 episodes
Production: Duet Pro Media

Part One – The Caterpillar Trucks

Part Two – The Warehousing

Part Three– The Dewatering Service

Part Four – The Canteen

Part Five – The Communication

Part Six – The Occupational Safety

Part Seven – The Crew Buses

Part Eight – The Safe Explosion

Part Nine – The Dozers

Part Ten – The Shovels

Part Eleven – The Gold Mill

Part Twelve – The Graders

Part Thirteen – The Open Pit

Part Fourteen – The Convoy

Part Fifteen– The Camp

Part Sixteen – The Mechanics