passenger transportation services on the Karakol-Barskoon-Karakol route

passenger transportation services on the Karakol-Barskoon-Karakol route

published: 03 April 2019

Invitation closed
Kumtor Gold Company invites you to participate in a bid for the provision of passenger transportation services on the Karakol-Barskoon-Karakol route.

• Availability of vehicles that meet all the requirements of safety engineering and traffic regulations, suitable for use on intercity and long-distance travels. Capacity: not lower than a large class (45 or more passenger seats), as well as the presence of a minibus with a capacity of at least 15 people.
• The possibility of providing a backup vehicle (meets all the requirements listed) in case of breakage, repair, maintenance, etc. main bus/minibus.
• Availability of qualifications, knowledge and experience, material resources and legal rights to perform services. The experience of a driver appointed to carry passengers on the Karakol-Barskoon-Karakol route must be at least 5 (five) years. The admission of the driver of the bus/minibus to the flight only after the obligatory daily passing of the pre-trip medical examination.

Schedule daily except Saturday. Departure from Karakol at 7am, return to Karakol at 4pm. Strict adherence to the schedule and rules of movement.

Technical requirements for vehicles fire extinguishers should be installed in the bus/minibus and one should be located near the driver’s seat. Without exception, all seats must have seat belts in working condition. The internal electric lighting system should provide illumination of seats for passengers, all steps and approaches to all exits. Handrails and handles must have proper strength. In the bus/minibus must be installed medical kits.

Maintenance costs, including scheduled maintenance and replacement parts, as well as fuel are at the expense of the contractor.
The cost of services shall be indicated on the basis of the cost of one trip along the route Karakol-Volna-Karakol separately for the bus and minibus with the corresponding breakdown.

Commercial proposals in a sealed envelope with the note “Transportation of passengers along the Karakol-Barskoon-Karakol route” before 5:00pm on April 19, 2019 should be sent to 24 Ibraimov Street, Bishkek, Uchkun JSC building, 10th floor.

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject (in whole or in part) any commercial offer received and unilaterally refuse to reimburse any expenses incurred by applicants under this invitation.