The Kumtor Company announces the results of the competitive tenders for supplying services

published: 25 March 2013

The Company has summed up the results of competitions held among the Kyrgyz organizations interested in supplying services and equipment to carry out operations at the Kumtor gold mine.

The right to conduct excavation on flat-fee terms has been granted to the following companies:

1. Autovneshtrans JSC (Balykchi)
2. Bapa Trans CJSC (Barskoon)
3. Karkyra CJSC (Karakol)
4. Cros Inc CJSC (Jety-Oguz)
5. Branch of the Kyrgyzaltyn JSC Haulage Company (Balykchi)
6. Starlight Trans Gold JSC (Ton)

Equipment lease agreements on hourly wage terms will be concluded with the following companies:

1. Ai Kol Kurulush CJSC (Ton)
2. Autovneshtrans JSC (Balykchi)
3. СМК Helper CJSC (Bishkek/Karakol)
4. Karkyra CJSC (Karakol)
5. Cros Inc CJSC (Jety-Oguz)
6. Starlight Trans Gold JSC (Ton)

Employees of the following companies will be retained to carry out operations on hourly wage terms at the Kumtor gold mine:

1. СМК Helper CJSC (Bishkek/Karakol)
2. Karkyra CJSC (Karakol)
3. Cros Inc CJSC (Jety-Oguz)
4. Branch of the Kyrgyzaltyn JSC Haulage Company (Balykchi)
5. Autovneshtrans JSC (Balykchi)

The Company has decided to enter into agreements with a number of companies with a view of enabling as many contract organizations as possible to work at the Kumtor mine.

Competition announcements were published on the Company’s website at and in the newspaper Vecherny Bishkek. Bids for consideration by the Kumtor Company’s Supplies Department have been admitted since January 11, 2013.

Bids for excavation totaled 19 while bids for equipment employment and labor hiring on hourly wage terms totaled 21. Seven organizations submitted bids for participation in both competitions.

The Kumtor Company thanks all bidders and congratulates winners. A list of winning bidders has been published with their written consent.

Description of competition stages is available here.

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