Kumtor Gold Company CJSC is disposing the unused motor vehicle and mining equipment spare parts

published: 19 April 2021

The Buyer shall be obliged to pay VAT and customs duties. Preference shall be given to bids for a whole lot and to bids for many categories. General type photo and video materials can be provided to the wholesale buyers if requested.

For more details please send your questions before May 20, 2021 to email: kgc.supplychain@centerragold.com and please indicate “Questions regarding Obsolence/Surplus sale” in the subject of the message.

Please submit the price offers as per the table given in the announcement posted on the website kumtor.kg  and send your proposals to the email: KGC.bids@centerragold.com before May 30, 2021 by indicating “Proposal to buy the illiquid assets” in the subject of the message.

List of auto parts (таблица для предложений заявителя)

List of heavy equip (таблица для предложений заявителя)

List of Caterpillar parts (таблица для предложений заявителя)

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