Recycling waste oil and antifreeze mix

Recycling waste oil and antifreeze mix

published: 14 April 2017


Kumtor Gold Company CJSC is interested in receiving commercial offers for recycling waste oil and antifreeze mix, in preliminary proportion of 50:50 generating at the Kumtor Mine within 2017.

KGC will discharge the mix and release it through verified and calibrated truck balance only to companies and individual entrepreneurs that recycle the mix into marketable product. Average amount of generated mix is 150 ton per month.

Commercial proposals of all interested parties shall at least contain below information:
1. Copies of registration documents;
2. Detailed information about the equipment and the mix recycling technology (please attach copies of documents confirming ownership, rental or partnership rights, and specify location of the recycling equipment);
3. Copies of authorized conclusions permitting disposal/recycling of the waste oil and antifreeze mix;
4. Copies of quality certificates of marketable products obtained after recycling;
5. Brief information on major bids and activities that a candidate has participated in within the last 2 years;
6. Information on availability of specialized vehicles for self-transporting of waste oils from the Kumtor Mine to recycling site;
7. Commercial proposal with a fixed 2017 price list for recycling of 1 ton of waste oil on the principle of “all inclusive” (all taxes and levies due and payable, as well as other mandatory deductions and payments).

All interested parties may propose any additional conditions necessary to carry out more quality and efficient works.

Tender applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Tender: Waste oil recycling” until 5 pm on April 28, 2017, at 24 Ibraimov Str., 10th floor of Uchkun Building, Bishkek.

For additional information, please send your e-mails to, no later than the expiry of application period.

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject any commercial proposal both in full or in part, and, to this end, KGC explicitly withdraws responsibility to compensate any and all costs, which may be incurred by any bidder within the framework of the present announcement. KGC reserves the right to contact only with the bidders selected by the tender committee for conclusion of contract or with those who passed to the next stage. This tender announcement should not be considered as a public offer and KGC will not provide any explanations on the tender results, as well as it will not return documents submitted by the bidders.