Requesting a complete commercial offer for the supply of dairy products

published: 17 July 2012

RESULT: No order from Site camp.

Kumtor Operating Company is requesting a complete commercial offer for the supply of dairy products through the end of 2012. The products must meet the requirements of SanPin


The approximate monthly requirements:

NAME                                 Fat, %             weight

Butter                                70 – 80            850 kg
Sour cream                       20 – 25             950 L
Fresh cream                      35                     850 L
Yogurt                                4                        1100 L
Kefir                                   2.5                     850 L
Curd cheese                      9                        650 kg

Please, provide a complete quote in an A4 size envelope sealed with the official stamp of the bidder to the attention of “Local Supply Supervisor” by July 28, 2012.

The quote shall include, but not limited to, the following:

– Agreement to comply with the specifications;
– Brief information about the main activities of the bidder, its founders and key management    with indication of their work experience;
– Documents confirming the state registry of the bidder;
– Price validity till the expiry of the offer, December 31, 2012;
– Information on the country and place of origin of the products.

Offer should contain KOC requirement for payment terms which is Net 7 days after receipt of goods.

Kumtor Operating Company reserves the right to reject the offer in full or in part any received commercial offer. Kumtor Operating Company is not required to purchase or is not required to execute any commitment to purchase at lowest commercially priced offer.

For all submissions, clarifications, bidders shall contact Materials and Compliance Department of Kumtor Operating Company by fax: +996 312 592050 or e-mail:

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