Issyk-Kul Farmers to Receive 17,000 Polish Currant Seedlings

published: 29 April 2014

New Polish currant, gooseberry, raspberry and strawberry seedlings were distributed to a group of farmers based at the village of Bokonbayevo Ton district Issyk-Kul province on April 28, 2014. The seedlings were brought to the community by the KR Association of Nurseries under the Karagat + Project which is being currently implemented by AVEP with the support of Kumtor Company. The total cost of the seedlings is more than 2.75 million soms, customs duties, phytosanitary charges and transportation expenses included.

For Reference:
KARAGAT+ is a joint three-year project of Kumtor Company and AVEP Public Fund. Its purpose is to encourage local communities and expand the potential of the berry-and-fruit market. It is being implemented in Issyk-Kul province with an emphasis made on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake. Under this environmentally oriented project, the Public Fund will train farmers in the methods of growing high-yielding cold- and disease-resistant currants as well as innovative irrigation methods. AVEP experts will assist in creating a network of nursery gardens, greenhouses and farming goods reception centers. Special attention is given to raising the farmers’ awareness of marketing fundamentals to enable them to act unassisted in establishing distribution facilities and making berry-growing business more profitable.
AVEP is a Central Asian non-governmental and non-political organization working widely with international organizations, private, public and government sector to contribute more effectively to sustainable and innovative development of rural regions in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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