New Technology to Be Used in Balykchi to Process Farming Goods

New Technology to Be Used in Balykchi to Process Farming Goods

published: 22 September 2015

With the support of the Balykchi City Hall, Kumtor Gold Company has handed over a drying chamber to the Generation Next youth organization for the free use. The equipment was handed over under a pilot project that the company intends to implement in the Ton and Jety-Oguz districts, Issyk-Kul province with the support of local youth organizations and associations.

Even though young people in Balykchi have just started learning the opportunities opened up by this drying chamber, they have already realized they can not only produce dried fruit but also the kurut, an extremely popular fermented milk product.

Tilek Omurbekov, a member of the Generation Next association, thanked Kumtor Company for support and noted that with this equipment now available, the association’s young members will be able to earn an additional revenue that will be used to support new projects.

Currently, there are five drying chambers of this kind in use across the Issyk-Kul province. The cost of one refitted container, including delivery, attachment and installation, is approximately 440,000 soms.

This drying technology was developed by Swiss experts. It is based on 20-tonne containers which, after installation of appropriate equipment, can be used to process fruit and berries, medicinal herbs and meat. The system is absolutely autonomous. Its operating principle is that the air inside the chamber is heated by means of a light detector while air circulation is due to fans.