New building of the School in Uch Koshkon village from Kumtor company

published: 28 October 2015

The boarding school in Uch Koshkon was built using local funding, in 2010.

However, the budget could not provide funds for construction of the boarding school’s hostel, which was placed in the building of the former geological exploration station built as far back as 1970. According to the findings of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the building has been in critical condition for two years and should not be used anymore.
The new building of the boarding school, assembled from the modules of the old residential camp of Kumtor, offers the schoolchildren good conditions for living and learning. They have also equipped warm preschool classrooms for kids.
The issue of housing for young teachers has been resolved as well. Several modules have been converted into the quarters for young specialists. People, who come to work to Uch Koshkon village, now can stay in a hostel built of several modules.

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