Production modernization at Kumtor

published: 17 August 2021

With the introduction of the Temporary External Management, Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) has launched large-scale production modernization processes. All the Company departments implement modern technologies. The new strategy for the Mine development initiated by Tengiz Bolturuk is based on the sustainable use of available resources and careful attitude to the environment.

Tengiz Bolturuk has been working in the mining industry for almost 35 years. He has worked in 18 international mining projects in 13 countries all over the world. He contributes his innovative knowledge and experience to the development of his native Kyrgyzstan, striving to turn the Kumtor Mine into a modern, high-class and safe enterprise for humans and the environment. For example, he implemented a project to mine recently identified oxidized ores, the existence of which the previous KGC managers had not even known about. This ore can significantly increase the Mine resources. Now the ore zone is being delineated.

Another vital project is related to the development of the Tailings Management Facility. Modern technologies today allow us to extract the gold left after the ore processing. And the most important thing is that now the Tailings Management Facility will not pose a threat to nature and the population.

“For 20 years of the tailings pond operation, about 100 tons of gold have been accumulated in it. At this stage, a project for processing this ore is being developed”, said Melis Turdukeev, Senior Hydraulic Engineer.

The Mill modernization is also in full swing. Several large and important projects are being implemented here at the same time. This will make operations more efficient and safer. In particular, the most modern and accurate cyanide analyzers that exist today have been ordered and will be delivered in the near future: they will reliably monitor how a dangerous reagent is used.

The Mill Manager Nurdin Usenov explains: “The human factor will be excluded. Cyanide analyzers will automatically determine the level of cyanide output and transmit accurate data to the operator.”


Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) adheres to the philosophy of openness and transparency in its work. The KGC activities are exclusively subject to and governed by the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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