Kumtor’s Two Cleanup Actions Performed Last Week End

Kumtor’s Two Cleanup Actions Performed Last Week End

published: 25 April 2017

Groups of Kumtor Gold Company’s employees carried out two cleanup actions in Bishkek-based First Children’s Hospice and Psychoneurological Center in Belovodskoye on April 22 and 23, 2017. They planted trees and flowers, painted benches, pavilions and children’s playground as well as cleaned the areas of both facilities. The both events were organized under the Kumtor’s Ambassadors volunteering promotion corporate program.

The company’s employees were among the first to start providing regular aid to little patients and staff of First Children’s Hospice. Since 2014, a number of Kumtor employees have been donating monthly funds to maintain the facility, pay salaries to nurses and meet daily needs of the hospice. In partnership with the Helping is Easy Fund, Kumtor employees have contributed more than 250,000 soms and helped purchase equipment to make the children’s life more comfortable.

“First Children’s Hospice exists thanks to donations of caring people. We use these donations to purchase medicines and support families of our small patients. We are grateful to Kumtor’s employees for the time they devoted to the cleaning of the territory. Rarely do we have free time or resources to maintain our garden,” said Olga Trukhanova, First Children’s Hospice’s Executive Director.

The Belovodskyi Psychoneurological Center is one of the Kyrgyz Republic’s largest facilities of this type for children with special needs. Its patients include approximately 238 children aged 4 to 18, every one of whom needs permanent care and treatment. Kumtor employees had spent a month to raise funds for the Center to provide it with necessary things, including care items, mosquito screens, household appliances and a carpet strip. In addition, the total area was cleaned and the playground painted.

“We were happy to spend our time with the children who so need support and, especially, personal communication. Our employees were glad to devote their weekend to providing help to the staff. We will continue to provide support to the Center,” said Gulbara Jumagulova, Administrator, Legal Compliance, Kumtor.