Kumtor has reconstructed the bridges in the Jety-Oguz district

Kumtor has reconstructed the bridges in the Jety-Oguz district

published: 29 August 2022

Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) has provided assistance for installation of new bridges over the Jety-Oguz River on the road in Jeti-Oguz District of the Issyk-Kul Province.

One might recall that in June, after the collapse of the old wooden bridge, Kumtor promptly allocated metal bridge structures to restore the 3rd bridge over the Jety-Oguz River. Then, the experts from the Ministry of Transport quickly installed a new bridge and the traffic was restored. Kumtor decided to assist in the replacement of all existing bridges on this road.

– There were 5 bridges in total. All of them were wooden and long out of date. In cooperation with Kumtor, we started replacing these bridges with steel structures. The gold mining company provided us with construction materials. Some part of work was also financed by the Ministry of Transport, said Bakyt Musalimov, Head of Road Maintenance Enterprise No.35 of the “Kyrgyzavtojol” State Enterprise under the Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport and Communications.

It is the final construction stage of the 1st bridge over the Jety-Oguz River. Now the workers are finishing to assemble the tie beams, after which the bridge surfacing will be installed and the bridge will be ready. Then the equipment and the constriction staff will start replacement of the 2nd bridge. We are planning to replace all existing wooden bridges over the mountain river before winter. The construction of these facilities is under special control of the local authorities.

– Wooden constructions are short-lived. As a result, because of the constant moisture, the risk of bridge collapse has increased many times, in early summer this happened with one of them. In response to our request, Kumtor provided high-quality steel structures for bridge construction. On behalf of all local community residents and myself, I would like to thank Kumtor for the assistance,” said Tursunbek Imanbaev, head of the Jety-Oguz village county.

The carrying capacity of the new bridges will be at least 10 tons. This is enough so that trucks can pass safely. Alongside with the construction of new bridges, we are working on arrangement of approaches to the bridges.

The road through the Jety-Oguz Gorge leads to the Kok-Jaiyk pasture, one of the main jailoo in the south of Issyk-Kul. Here starts a popular tourist route to Ala-Kul Lake. Local residents and tourists are looking forward to the commissioning of the new facilities. The new bridges will make the road more comfortable and, most importantly, safer.