«KUMTOR GOLD COMPANY» sells laboratory equipment

«KUMTOR GOLD COMPANY» sells laboratory equipment

published: 21 June 2013


THE «KUMTOR GOLD COMPANY» CJSC sells laboratory equipment in good working order:
1. Randox Dytona Biochemical Analyzer, S/N: 5826-0918 (in service year – May 2011).
2. ISE Electrolyte Additional part for Dytona Biochemical Analyzer (in service year – May 2011).
3. Sysmex Hematology Analyzer, Japan, S/N: 66751 (in service year – May 2011).

You may look at the equipment at the venue: 28-a Isanova Street (cross Moskovskaya Street), Bishkek. Any inquiries at the telephone #: (0312) 90-07-07, 90-08-08 (Procurement Department).

The «Kumtor Gold Company» reserves the right to accept or reject partially or in whole any received application. The «Kumtor Gold Company» does not enter into commitment to sell the equipment to the applicant offering the highest price.

Please send applications to the Procurement Department, Kumtor Gold Company till 5:00 p.m. 5 July 2013 inclusive at the fax #: (0312) 592050 or e-mail address: kumtor_localbuyer@kumtor.com