Kumtor Company invites organizations to bid for movement of ca. 300 sea containers within the Kumtor Minesite

published: 03 June 2013


CJSC Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) invites all interested organizations to bid for movement of ca. 300 sea containers within the Kumtor Minesite in the Gety-Oguz region of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Brief description of the work scope:

Empty and loaded 20ft and 40ft sea containers
Maximum container weight varies between 30 and 34 tonnes
Average transportation distance – 5 km

Schedule and contract life:

Operating schedule – on day shift only.
Estimated contract life: 1 July – 31 August 2013.

Approximate KGC defined equipment requirements:

Mobile cranes – 2
Trailer-truck – 1
Riggers – 2

Additional requirements:

Only minor repairs of equipment are allowed at the Kumtor minesite.

KGC commitments:

Accommodations and board to contractors* (submit alternative bid for self-supporting camp);
Fuel for operation of equipment and foreman’s vehicle at the Kumtor minesite.
Transportation of personnel from / to Barskaun (Volna bus stop).

The quote shall include, as minimum, the following:

– All-inclusive proposed hourly or daily rates (hourly bids separately for equipment and labor and single daily bid for all crew with and without KGC provided accommodation and board, including: taxes and deductions, mob/demob of equipment; depreciation and maintenance of equipment, transportation of personnel to and from the work site, shift rotational schedule, salaries + allowances and premiums, sick leaves, overhead costs, profit, etc.).
– Proposed fleet details (type, model year, quantity, number of back-up units).
– Home base details (location, equipment, etc.)
– Available licenses and permits.
– Possibility to inspect fleet and home base (when and where).
– Existing work resume.
– Experience working at altitude.
– Brief information about the main activities of the bidder, its founders and key management with indication of their work experience.
– Copies of the state and tax registry of the bidder.

All applicants are entitled to offer any additional terms, which may be necessary for more qualitative and effective completion of the work.

CJSC Kumtor Gold Company reserves the right to accept or reject a bid in full or in part. CJSC Kumtor Gold Company expressly withdraws any commitments to enter into a contract with a bidder submitted the lowest bid. The most competitive bidders will be invited for clarification of contractual terms and conditions.

For all submissions, clarifications, bidders can send information by 14 June 2013 to: Kumtor_localbuyer@kumtor.com

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