KUMTOR invites to submit offers for reimbursable collection of 50% used oils and 50% used antifreeze mix

published: 06 November 2015


CJSC KUMTOR GOLD COMPANY (KGC) invites all interested persons to submit offers for reimbursable collection of 50% used oils and 50% used antifreeze mix from 15 January 2016 through to 31 December 2016 in a sealed envelope marked “Collection of used oils and antifreeze” to the 14th floor of Uchkun building in Bishkek at Ibraimov Street # 24 to the name of the chairperson of the selection committee by 5:00 p.m. on 4 December 2015.


About 100-150t of used oils and antifreeze mixture are generated monthly at the Kumtor Minesite and accumulated in storage tanks. The buyer is to provide a certified tank truck for collection of the mix at the Kumtor Minesite, whilst the most preferable method of disposal of the mix is the recycling into marketable products (industrial oil, diesel fuel, black oil, others). The product must be recycled into these bi-products and cannot be resold in the Kyrgyz Republic.

KGC commitments:

– agree quantities of the mix and dates of collection;
– provide access to the buyer’s tank trucks and employees to the Kumtor Minesite;
– pump the mix of used oils and antifreeze into the buyer’s tank trucks using its own equipment and at its own costs.

Requirements to the buyer’s offer:

The buyer’s offer is to include the following information:
– copies of the registration certificate, charter, available licenses and permits, tax parameters of the tax payer, business partners with a brief description of the accomplished works, references;
– an outline of the business plan with photo and video information for visualization;
– an outline of the production facility and tank trucks;
– a bid for collection per 1 kg of the mix;
– any additional terms, which the buyer may find appropriate and necessary.

All interested persons submit their offers at their own will, at their own costs, and accept all KGC conditions. No claims for compensation of any costs are accepted. Site visits are not anticipated. Any additional information or clarifications can be requested via e-mail: kumtor_localbuyer@kumtor.com

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject a bid in full or in part, and make a selection of the most competitive bidders at KGC’s choice. KGC will notify only preselected bidders.

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