Kumtor Gold Company hereby invites all the interested organizations to send proposals for maintenance of the section of Barskoon-Kumtor Road

published: 02 February 2013



Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) hereby invites all the interested organizations to send proposals for maintenance of the section of Barskoon-Kumtor Road from 0 to 32 km in Djety-Oguz District of Issyk-Kul Oblast, Kyrgyz Republic.

Description of works:

– Daily grading of roads; bedding; cleaning of ditches and driveways of bridges; restoring of road signs; sanding of slippery sections of road; providing support in dust control;
– Provision of housing and living conditions for own personnel;
– Arranging for parking space for own vehicles;
– Obtaining of all permits and licenses on own behalf;
– Signing of all necessary contracts on own behalf;
– Self-provision of food products, supplies and fuel.

The following information should be provided in the proposals as a minimum:

– Quoted piece-rate or the hourly rates for the work of road management, calculated on the “all inclusive” basis (taxes and mandatory deductions, the mobilization and demobilization of equipment, transportation of people to the place of work and back, rotational schedule, amortization and maintenance of equipment, salary + travel and various allowances, sick leave, overhead, profit, and so on).
– Description of the proposed vehicle fleet (type, year, number of workers and backup vehicles).
– Existing licenses and permits.
– Possibility of inspection of the fleet and industrial base (when and where).
– Brief information about the organization with a description of main activities, founders and management of the organization.
– Copies of state and tax registration of the organization.

Duration of the contract – from April to December of 2013.

All applicants are welcome to offer any additional conditions that are necessary for a better and effective performance.

Kumtor Gold Company reserves the right to reject the offer in full or in part any received commercial offer. Kumtor Gold Company is not required to purchase or is not required to execute any commitment to purchase at lowest commercially priced offer. Only those bidders who offer the most competitive conditions will be invited for clarifying terms and provisions of the contract.

Please forward your questions and proposals by February 22, 2013, by e-mail: Kumtor_localbuyer@kumtor.com

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