Kumtor Gold Company helps residents of the Issyk-kul region during heating season

published: 06 February 2015

Kumtor Gold Company provided twenty-two trucks of firewood in the framework of annual drive to help villagers of Jety-Oguz and Ton districts of Issyk-Kul region during the heating season.

Villagers of Kadjy-Sai, Ton, Kun-Chygysh, Tort-Kul, Kol-Tor of the Ton district received two trucks of firewood each. In the Jety-Oguz district, firewood distributed among social objects. Twelve trucks of wood directed to kindergartens in Barskoon, Tamga, Kyzyl-Suu, Sarru villages, Rural health post in Konkino village, non-government organizations focusing on children with special needs, Public bath houses for people in need, and also to the school of Barskoon village.

Firewood delivery by districts finished this week. Decision to render aid to families in need and to social objects was coordinated with local authorities. The company plans to allocate additional shipment of firewood before the end of heating season.

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