Kumtor is the general sponsor of the School League project to develop sports activities for children in the Kyrgyz Republic

Kumtor is the general sponsor of the School League project to develop sports activities for children in the Kyrgyz Republic

published: 01 November 2021

The Dolon Omurzakov Stadium, the main sports arena of Kyrgyzstan, hosted the official launch ceremony of the largest ever national project for the development of children’s sports. Kumtor Gold Company was the general partner of the School League project. This program is implemented within the Decree “On spiritual and moral development and physical education of the individual” signed by the Chief of State.

Following the introduction of external management at Kumtor Gold Company CJSC, the Company has become one of the leaders in the area of corporate social responsibility initiatives. At present, support is provided for a wide variety of projects – environmental, scientific, educational, charitable, social, cultural, and heritage-related.

“Our Company contributes to the economic development, and we believe that Kumtor should be one of the main stimuli to the country’s progress. Aware of the importance of the younger generation for the future, we will invest in educating young people. We will also help create conditions to promote healthy lifestyles so that sport becomes accessible to all children,” said Tengiz Bolturuk, the KGC External Manager.

The program is aimed at the development of mass sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball in general educational institutions. In turn, Kumtor has pledged to provide the teams with all the necessary equipment.

Samat Toktonaliev, Vice-President of the School League Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic, makes the comment: “Kumtor is the only company that has agreed to release a considerable amount of money for tailor-made provision of all schools in the country with sports equipment. The School League will create a basis for the development of team sports, give children the opportunity for personal fulfilment and help identify talented children in all regions. We are very grateful to Kumtor. I would like to express gratitude and appreciation on behalf of all the school coachers, students and team members.”

There will be introduced big sports reforms with respect to students. In its first year alone, the organisers plan to cover more than 150,000 adolescents throughout Kyrgyzstan, and this number is expected to increase every year.