On October 14, 2017, a group of Kumtor mine employees visited the Belovodskoye mental clinic on a charitable mission under Kumtor’s corporate volunteer program called “Kumtor’s Ambassadors.” The funds raised by Kumtor employees were used to purchase and deliver 112 packages of personal hygiene means. It should be noted that the Belovodskoye mental clinic’s director posted a request for help on the Internet in July 2017.
Upon arrival at the clinic, the Kumtor Ambassadors distributed their gifts and examined the wards to see the state of the clinic with their own eyes. Also, the Belovodskoye mental clinic’s director asked the Kumtor employees for assistance in purchasing cellophane film for window insulation. That same day, the Kumtor employees purchased a roll of film weighing 48.8 kg and gave it to clinic employees.
The Belovodskoye mental clinic’s director expressed her utmost gratitude to the Kumtor employees for the humanitarian aid and sent a letter of appreciation to Kumtor Company.