Kumtor Employees Organize Clean-Up Event at Beaches of Balykchy Town

Kumtor Employees Organize Clean-Up Event at Beaches of Balykchy Town

published: 19 July 2017

Last weekend, employees of Kumtor Gold Company jointly with the municipal government and youth associations of Balykchy town cleaned up three municipal beaches. Vacationers also joined the organizers of the clean-up event and helped to clean the beach from the garbage, while the local unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic sent two scuba divers to clean the lake bottom near the coastal zone. As part of the event, the youth organized performances of local entertainers, dance groups and musicians.

The event was held as part of the corporate program “Kumtor Ambassadors,” aimed at developing volunteerism and strengthening interaction with local communities.

About fifty people took part in the event. Kumtor Gold Company presented memorable gifts to the most active participants of the clean-up event. All participants had the opportunity to talk directly to the company employees and get answers to their questions in an informal setting.

“Today, we have filled almost half of a truck with the garbage collected. We are happy to hold such events and see the support of such partners as the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the municipality and Kumtor Gold Company. At the same time, we do hope that people’s minds will gradually change, and in the near future we will not have to clean beaches after our other citizens,” leader of “Balykchy Akjol Yntymagy” Youth Movement Arnabek uulu Azamat said.