Kumtor Employees Hold Clean-up Event on Beach of Kadji-Sai Village

Kumtor Employees Hold Clean-up Event on Beach of Kadji-Sai Village

published: 03 August 2017

Last weekend, employees of Kumtor Gold Company jointly with the representatives of local authorities and organizations held a subbotnik – a clean-up event on the beach of Kadji-Sai village of Ton region, Issyk-Kul oblast. In total, about 50 people took part in the clean-up event.

The most active participants of the litter pick as well as holidaymakers, who did not stand aside, were given memorable prizes on behalf of the company. As a socially responsible company, whose corporate values are based on safety and security, KGC decided to share its experience and knowledge with the people resting on the beach. The employee of Health & Safety Department carried out a water rescue training. All the participants could see how to properly provide first aid in critical situations that can occur on the beach. In addition, all interested persons were given booklets about first aid issued by the company’s partner, the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan.

“We unquestionably observe safety measures and precautions on our work sites and constantly improve our safety indicators. Our families are waiting for all of us at home and therefore it is important for us. We want to share this culture with other citizens of our country in order to make joint efforts for the safe future of our children,” employee of Kumtor’s Health & Safety Department Aibek Aitkuliyev said.

The event was organized as part of the corporate volunteer program “Ambassadors of Kumtor.” Last year, “Ambassadors of Kumtor” collectively spent more than 3,000 hours on various charity activities. In 2017, employees are planning to increase this figure by 1,000 hours.