Kumtor Company restores the infrastructure of Issyk-Kul region villages

published: 26 November 2014

Deep ground pump was assembled in the village, named after Eshperov, to provide villagers with drinking water. New equipment and pipes were delivered and assembled with the support of Kumtor Gold Company.

“Due to deterioration of existing equipment we always suffered from huge water losses, before water reached houses of villagers. We are grateful to have our plea heard and now all inhabitants, number of which is 2000 people, have an access to pure water“, – noted the head of village authority of Bolot-Mambet rural district Ilich Kokorov.

New excavator joined vehicle fleet of Jety-Oguz local authorities with the support of Swiss project, Issyk-Kul Development Fund and Kumtor Gold Company.
The head of local authorities approached the management of the Company with a request to contribute in excavator acquisition. Swiss project and Issyk-Kul Development Fund allocated 2 million soms. Remaining 500 000 soms were contributed by Kumtor.

Excavator renders services to six villages of the area, with population over 16 000 people. Excavator will be used in different works of irrigation channels cleanups, garbage removal and at alleviation of possible natural disasters.

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