Kumtor Company Provided Aid to Issyk-Kul Farmers In Preparations for Irrigation Season

published: 15 April 2015

Four daily runoff ponds and a water reservoir have been rebuilt before the start of irrigation in the Jety-Oguz and Ton districts, Issyk-Kul province, with the support of Kumtor Company. The budget of the project is estimated at $173,545.

Mining equipment was used to implement this project. Cleaning operations were completed within 48 working days. They allowed farmers both to increase irrigation water volume and significantly expand areas under irrigation.

No mechanical cleaning has been carried out in the villages of Darkhan and Saruu since the 1980s. As the result of the project, 36,000 cubic meters of soil has been cleaned at Darkhan and 27,000 cubic meters of silt and soil at Saruu. 43,500 cubic meters was removed during cleaning operations of a water reservoir at Chon Kyzyl Suu. Massive cleaning operations were carried out at Tort-Kul, Ton district, where 118,000 cubic meters of silt and soil was removed.

At the village of Esherov, Ton district, cleaning operations at daily runoff ponds were also supported by Kumtor Company which contributed 1,500 liters of Diesel fuel. Work was done by the local communities with the support of other donors, too.


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