Kumtor announces a bid process for construction of the Tailing Management Facility

published: 06 February 2015


CJSC KUMTOR GOLD COMPANY (KGC) announces a bid process for construction of TMF from 1 May 2015 through to end of November 2015 in the volume of 940,000 m3 at an average one-way hauling distance 4.9 km and 2.2 t/m3 material density. Interested organizations and private entrepreneurs with a fleet of its own equipment are welcome to submit technical and commercial proposals in a sealed A4 envelope marked “Construction of TMF-2015” to the 10th floor of Uchkun building in Bishkek at Ibraimov Street # 24 to the name of the chairperson of the selection committee by 5:00 p.m. on 13 February 2015.

Requirements for equipment:

• Dump trucks 25t – 24. Back-up units are necessary.
• Front end loaders 3.0 m3 – 5. Back-up units are necessary.
• Bulldozers B10 or equivalent – 3. Back-up units are necessary.
• 10-15t water trucks, wheel formula 4 X 6 or 6 X 6 – 3. Back-up units are necessary.
• 18t compactors – 3. Back-up units are necessary.

Operating schedule – on 11 hour day and night shifts (22 hours per day). Estimated stand-by time – 15%.
Only minor repairs of equipment are allowed at the Kumtor minesite. Mobilization and demobilization of equipment is to be made at costs of the bidder.

KGC commitments:

Provide accommodations and board to the personnel at the Kumtor Minesite and fuel for operation of the equipment.
Transport personnel from Volna (bus stop between Tamga and Barskoon) to Kumtor Minesite and back.


The bid shall include the following:
– a portfolio of the business (copies of the registration certificate, charter, tax parameters of the tax payer, business partners with a brief description of the accomplished works, references);
– information about proposed equipment: types, quantities, registration documents, maintenance history, pictures;
– information on the company headquarters, principal home depot and regional fleet yards;
– all-inclusive proposed bcm rates for factually transported, loaded, leveled, watered and compacted material by the above listed equipment (taxes and deductions, mob/demob of equipment; depreciation of equipment, work of full-time foreman/safety engineer and mechanic and operation of the foreman’s vehicle, salaries + allowances and premiums, sickleaves, overhead costs, profit, etc.):
– all-inclusive hourly operating rates (taxes and deductions, mob/demob of equipment; depreciation of equipment, salaries + allowances and premiums, sickleaves, overhead costs, profit, etc.) for operation of the technological equipment at other sites during the stand-by time;
– information on employees and key officers with a description of their work experience;
– any additional terms, which the bidder may find appropriate and necessary.

All bidders submit their bids at their own will, at their own costs, and accept all KGC conditions. No claims for compensation of any costs of the bidder are accepted. Site visits are not anticipated. Any additional information or clarifications can be requested via e-mail: kumtor_localbuyer@kumtor.com

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject a bid in full or in part, and make a selection of the most competitive bidders at KGC’s choice. KGC explicitly intends to split this work between 8 bidders, and do not enter into a contract with one bidder. KGC will notify only preselected bidders.

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