Kumtor and its contractors have worked 10 million man-hours without loss time injury

published: 20 October 2021

Employees of Kumtor Gold Company CJSC and the contractor organizations have worked 10 million man-hours without loss time injury.

Achieving the 10 million man-hours without loss time injury is an important milestone and a reflection of the serious attitude to complying with mandatory safety rules in daily work performance, improving working conditions and safe work practices.

The KGC External Manager Tengiz Bolturuk extended congratulations to the Kumtor employees and the contractors on achievement of this milestone, and urged them to continue working in a stable, efficient and safe manner.

«We are all one single team! Such an excellent result would not be possible without the daily involvement and dedication of our managers and employees. This reflects our commitment to making safety a top priority every day at all work areas. I highly appreciate your daily hard work, professionalism and contribution to the success of our safety program. By achieving such results, we prove that it is possible to run the mining operations without accidents at work.  I encourage every Kumtor and contractor employee to keep on working together efficiently! I am sure that contractor employees, together with Kumtor Gold Company employees, can and should continue LTI-free work.  Together we can achieve much greater results!” – stressed Tengiz Bolturuk.

Currently, 2,916 employees of the Company and 1,259 workers of the various contractor organizations are employed in KGC facilities. They all perform various production tasks at the Kumtor mine, Balykchy Marshalling Yard, transportation of goods & people and do other types of work.

Since the introduction of external management at KGC, a number of measures have been developed to improve the safety of mine operations.

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