published: 11 December 2017

On December 6, 2017, Kumtor’s Ambassadors, represented by KGC Medical Department employees, together with Engineering Department employees, implemented another social project.
This time they have rendered assistance to the Elderly Nursing Home of Leninsky district of Bishkek.

Social institutions for senior citizens are often in need of additional assistance, especially in buying personal hygiene products and household chemical goods. Kumtor’s Ambassadors have raised KGS 18,000 and purchased necessary goods of first priority. Director of the Nursing Home Aichurok Alysheva and clinical nurse manager Sharipa Osmonova expressed gratitude on behalf of all the residents of the Elderly Nursing Home.

The elderly care center is currently a home to 48 people, including 6 bedridden persons, who require constant care. The Nursing Home is also in sore need of bed linen, which can be bought from the Blind Association, the members of which sew bed linen on a by-order basis. In such a way, it will be possible to help two needy organizations at once.

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