KGC Employees Visited Mobile Jailoo Kindergarten

KGC Employees Visited Mobile Jailoo Kindergarten

published: 29 July 2016

A group of KGC employees visited the Kok-Jayik mobile jailoo kindergarten last weekend to donate stationeries and textbooks the kindergarten needs for regular operation. Assistance to mobile kindergartens organized in Jety-Oguz and Ton districts, Issyk-Kul province, has become the company’s traditional event. This time, 20 KGC employees volunteered to give items to kindergarten children personally.

The Kumtor employees gave carton car assembling master classes to boys and gave coloring books to girls. A relay race was also organized for children, and winners were given various prizes, including jigsaw puzzles and maps made by the Bugu Ene Public Fund, and also books of fairy-tales published with KGC’s support. The culture aspect of the event was sponsored by Japan’s Tendo drummer group. Amid the majestic Alpine scenery, the drummers performed their skills.

“We are always very happy to see that our children are taken care of. We are grateful to Kumtor company for making this holiday to us. Our children don’t receive much attention from their parents, cattle-breeders, for lack of free time. Thus, kindergartens like this play an important role in children’s development while their parents are busy at pastures in the summertime,” said Zeinep Duikanbayeva, a teacher, Kok-Jaiyk mobile jailoo kindergarten.

“Our company pays serious attention to the development of young people in Issyk-Kul province by implementing a wide range of educational programs and those designed to improve their skills. The Jaloo Kindergarten Project is no exception in this sense. We are always happy to take part in initiatives like this, meet small Kyrgyz citizens and teach them something new,” said Anara Kachkinbayeva, Manager, Finance, KGC.

For Reference: The Jailoo Kindergartens is a project sponsored by the Roza Otunbayeva International Public Fund. Its purpose is to provide equal access to education. The project focuses on remote Alpine pastures where it helps children of cattle-breeders spending summer high in the mountains prepare for school. Teachers give, three hours a day, lessons improving the children’s speaking, calculating and other skills. The mobile kindergartens are arranged in yurts equipped with everything that preschool children may need to improve their knowledge and spend leisure while learning more about this world.