Issyk-Kul Farmers To Become Trained Greenhouse Builders

Issyk-Kul Farmers To Become Trained Greenhouse Builders

published: 26 September 2013

В Иссык-Кульской области фермеров научат строить теплицыA training greenhouse was opened September 26, 2013, in the village of Sary-Dobo, Tiup District, at the Bilim Training Center. This has become possible due to Kumtor Company’s support under AVEP Public Fund’s KARAGAT+ Project.

Every farmer can undergo training in greenhouse-building and greenhouse vegetable cultivation methods at vocational schools based in the villages of Ananievo, Tiup, Barskoon and Bokonbayevo.
“We are going to teach villagers to build greenhouses using available raw materials. It is important that every farmer can get construction materials from local markets. Under the project, all graduates will be entitled to 4-year soft loans from microcredit agencies, including Balykchi-Finance, Ton-Finance and Jetyoguz-Finance,” said Nurlan Tokonov, a KARAGAT+ Manager.

KARAGAT+ is a joint three-year project of Kumtor Company and AVEP Public Fund. Its purpose is to encourage local communities and expand the potential of the berry-and-fruit market. It is being implemented in Issyk-Kul province with an emphasis made on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake. Under this environmentally oriented project, the Public Fund will train farmers in the methods of growing high-yielding cold- and disease-resistant currants as well as innovative irrigation methods. AVEP experts will assist in creating a network of nursery gardens, greenhouses and farming goods reception centers. More detailed information is available at

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