Incident on technological road to Kumtor mine

Incident on technological road to Kumtor mine

published: 10 July 2017

On July 9 at 11 28 am a Mack fuel truck being convoyed as part of the regular supply deliveries to the Kumtor mine site rolled over a safety berm and slipped down from the technological road. The truck settled in a contained plateau, where approximately seven tonnes of diesel fuel leaked from a tanker. No diesel fuel leaked into any water ways. All fuel was contained.

KGC’s Emergency Response Team arrived quickly to the scene and notifications to the KR authorities was done as per the KGC’s approved Emergency Response Plan.

The KGC’s truck driver was taken to the local hospital with only minor injuries.

Clean-up of the affected area has been completed on the same day.

KGC continues to work closely with local authorities to complete the investigation.