Gym Renovated with Kumtor Support Opened at Saruu School

published: 03 March 2014

saruu_sport_hall_1The official opening of a renovated gym took place at the Sadyk Sadykov higher school in the village of Saruu, Jety-Oguz district Issyk-Kul province, on February 28, 2014. The kids’ joy was shared also by hundreds of village residents, local officials and representatives of Kumtor Company.

saruu_sport_hall_2Renovations made are perfect, said the head of the Jety-Oguz administration, Kalysbek Judeyev, in his speech. He thanked the Canadian company for assistance and extended heartfelt felicitations to students, schoolteachers and village residents expressing hope that training in a new gym would bring new Olympic champions to the village.

A volleyball match, Yntymak, among the Jety-Oguz schoolteachers followed the opening ceremony while young female gymnasts performed dancing and gymnastics routines.
saruu_sport_hall_3The 3-million-som gym renovation was entirely sponsored by Kumtor. The project started by a local contractor, Saruukurulush, in mid-July 2013 was completed in February 2014. Remarkably, the gym in a school attended by nearly 1,000 students has never been overhauled since opening in 1978. The renovated gym has fresh repaired walls and the ceiling, a new floor, modernized heating system, new windows, electric wiring, lighting, sports equipment, a locker room and trainers room. Phys ed classes have started and, judging by the students’ reaction, they like the new gym very much.

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