Greenhouse Built in Orphanage at Kajisai

Greenhouse Built in Orphanage at Kajisai

published: 21 September 2015

A greenhouse built in the Hadicha orphanage at Kajisai, Ton district was officially opened last Friday. The greenhouse was built as part of the Karagat Plus Project with the support of Kumtor Gold Company. The official opening ceremony was attended by the orphanage teachers, children and representatives of Kumtor Company.

The tunnel-type greenhouse measuring 168 square meters was built within a few months. Its cost is more than 650,000 soms. Also, instructors will teach the orphanage employees to handle irrigation and heating system and control the electric supply system in a series of trainings.

The purpose of this innovative orphanage-based greenhouse is to provide more than 40 children with ecologically clean vegetables throughout the year and an additional financial source for this institution. Previously, under the same project, the company built a similar greenhouse in an orphanage at Ak-Suu where the number of orphans is as high as 100.

“Under the Issyk-Kul greenhouse construction project, the company has included a number of social institutions in the list, the Hadicha orphanage among them. I’m sure the orphanage children will be well provided with fresh vegetables throughout the year while its administration will acquire necessary skills for keeping the greenhouse running,” said Aktilek Tungatarov, Director, Sustainable Development, KGC.

“We would like to thank the company for creating so favorable conditions for us. The greenhouse will help us achieve considerable economy in our subsistence budget during winter. For the time being, we’ve planted only cucumbers. But we are planning to try and plant also tomatoes soon. We are following closely expert recommendations,” said Kulushkan Akmatova, the orphanage Director.

For reference: KARAGAT+ is a joint three-year project of Kumtor Company and AVEP Public Fund. Its purpose is to encourage local communities and expand the potential of the berry-and-fruit market. It is being implemented in Issyk-Kul province with an emphasis made on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake. Under this environmentally oriented project, the Public Fund will train farmers in the methods of growing high-yielding cold- and disease-resistant currants as well as innovative irrigation methods. AVEP experts will assist in creating a network of nursery gardens, greenhouses and farming goods reception centers. For more information see