Green Initiatives

published: 09 April 2019

A group of Kumtor employees have taken part in the national volunteer clean-up during which they planted trees in the territory of the orphanage Meerim Bulagy located in Issyk-Kul province and in Junusaliyeva Street in Bishkek. The event was organized under the Kumtor Ambassadors corporate program.

A group of Kumtor environment employees travelled to Meerim Bulagy orphanage to plant trees there. The orphanage is located in the village of Ak-Bulun, Tiup district. It is a historic institution. During the hard times of World War Two, it was home for 160 childran evacuated from the seiged Leningrad. They were taken care of by a young girl, Toktogon Altybasarova. According to the orphanage principal, Gulnara Degenbayeva, a stela is to be established this summer to commemorate T. Altybasarova with 45 eastern thujas, planted by Kumtor employees, fringing it. The orphanage principal expressed gratitude on behalf of its 18 children for the Kumtor Ambassador’s aid in planting the trees and buying sweetmeats for children.

In Junusaliyeva Street between Gagarin and Novaya Streets, Bishkek, 50 oak trees were planted by a group of company employees using the money they had collected for this purpose. The employees’ initiative was supported by the municipal company, Bishkekzelenhoz, which allotted a land plot for the trees. The responsibility for watering the trees was assumed by the employees of the municipal company.

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