Five Members of Graduate Internship Program Obtained Certificates and Employment in Kumtor Company

published: 20 April 2016

A final presentation of graduates who had undergone the two-year Internship Program at Maintenance, Kumtor, took place on April 15, 2016, in the Park Hotel in Bishkek.

Initially, nine graduates were selected in October 2013 to begin internship at Maintenance, Kumtor. One of the members then voluntarily quitted the Program and three interns obtained employment in the company before the end of the Program. As a result, five members were given certificates after two years of internship.

At the official closing event, the graduates said they had acquired new knowledge and skills during the Program. Attending the official event were not only Company Management but also the interns’ parents who came to congratulate the graduates. The certificates warranting the successful completion of the Program were handed by President of Kumtor Gold Company Daniel Desjardins and Manager, Maintenance, Gerard Wigglesworth. All the interns are now full-time employees of the Company.

FOR REFERENCE: The Graduate Internship Program was introduced in 2006 with a view to mobilize smart graduates majoring in sectors related to mining and having to do with production at Kumtor. For two years, they are enabled to acquire practical skills while putting theoretical knowledge to practice, learn more about the structure of Kumtor Gold Company and gold production in general. The Graduate Internship Program is instrumental in mobilizing smart graduates and developing human resources. Upon successful completion of the Program, its members will normally obtain employment at Kumtor Company.

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